About Us

“As far back as we can remember, we always wanted to explore every corner of this planet …”

We are three travel fanatics. Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise, right? It gets better: We are also best-time-to-visit and special destination experts with a combined travel experience of almost 100 years! Our names are Micha, Michael and Markus. The three of us started this travel guide project called 'WHEN to be WHERE' in the year 2015. Read on if you’re curious to learn more about us.

Micha - Michael - Markus

Find out more about us

Alright, now it’s getting personal. First of all, we are related to each other but we don't travel as a group every time. Sometimes Markus and Micha go together on a trip at once and Michael on his own. Every one of us has certain preferences when it comes to travel. Besides wanderlust, we love living and a lot of other things as well:


Micha swimming with turtles - Galapagos Islands

... is passionate about traveling to the most magical places at the end of this world. Her favorites are Australia and New Zealand. She loves swimming and freediving. She is a big fan of the travel categories Underwater and Wildlife on our site. Besides traveling and writing lots of articles and guides, she likes yoga, and hiking in the mountains, where she moved to recently with her husband Markus (see below). When being lazy, Micha enjoys good music, bands, and concerts. Micha is a true ‘best time to visit’ expert. Guides written by her are published under the username Micha or WHEN to be WHERE. She also updates and heavily extends articles written by users and travel experts like Stefan Bonne, Melissa Sallee and others. Her current favorite place is Galapagos Islands



Michael - Geierlay Bridge
Michael in front of the Geierlay Suspension Bridge in Germany after a hike

... also loves traveling but not that far most of the time. The United States is an exception. He is an avid hiker and usually likes to feel some ground beneath him. Nevertheless, he tried snorkeling recently. His favorite destinations are the United States and many European Countries. His favorite travel categories are Hiking and Historic Places. When he’s not writing travel guides, Michael often watches the latest Netflix series and plays the piano … grade 0.5 we guess ;) Originally he wanted to become a filmmaker. Michael is also a ‘best time to visit’ professional and his guides are usually published under the user WHEN to be WHERE. His current favorite place is Lofoten Islands


Markus is cooking in the New England N.P. in Aussie

... usually travels with Micha and shares most of her preferences. Why? Married to her …. looong time. His other favorite destinations besides the ones from Micha are Taiwan and Chile. The travel categories he loves are Hiking and Birding. Markus is also an IT guy and handles all the technical stuff in the backend of www.whentobewhere.com in his spare time. After two decades working in the IT industry he took a break and helped us to scale. He is addicted to good coffee and loves excellent food. Markus likes to cook, regardless of the location. Besides traveling he loves being outdoors mostly hiking in the mountains. His current favorite place is Karijini National Park.

What is our mission?

We want you to have the best travel experience possible
while visiting the most stunning places on our planet

Are we travel experts?

Micha and Markus in front of Mount Teide - Tenerife in the year 1996

In a way. We have travelled the world for almost 30 years now. We’ve been to so many destinations and countries multiple times over the last decades. In fact, we visited some places so often that we lost count. However, we haven’t been to every single country on earth as we never planned to achieve a goal like that. We just enjoy and love traveling so much. By the way: While we’re not hardcore backpackers, we definitely focus on outdoor travel. We love national parks, medium to difficult day hikes, magical places which look like out of this world, and traveling on a budget if possible. You get the idea. However, we also give you tips about things everyone wants to do while traveling: Whale watching, sightseeing, checking out historic ruins, and so much more.

What was the idea of WHEN to be WHERE?

Micha working in the office

We started this website in 2015 to provide others with tips about the best time to visit a place! From our own travels, we always knew that every location should be visited at a certain time to experience its true magic. This can be a season, a month, a couple of months, a certain time of day or a combination of all these. The best time to visit depends on many factors: When to see something special? When is the most pleasant weather? When is it less busy? When is it truly amazing? We became experts for ‘the best time to visit’ all those travel places.

Is it only about the best time to visit?

Markus in Glass House Mountains National Park - Australia

Not any more! We still think ‘the best time’ is an extremely useful information. However, our travel articles won’t attract enough page visitor if we only wrote about ‘the best time to visit’ a place. That’s why we added tons of other useful tips within most articles over the years. It’s a win-win situation: We get more people visiting our site and you can read more useful tips about all those places and destinations. Today you can often find complete travel guides on our website. Examples? Mount Etna - Every Question AnsweredNazaré Big WavesWhale Sharks and Manta Rays in the MaldivesDeath Valley National Park Complete GuideKaikoura Whale and Dolphin WatchingPetra JordanA Complete Taiwan Travel GuideGalapagos on a Budget

Why are some articles quite short?

Micha very focused, extending one of our shorter articles while being outdoors

Bear with us, we are are working on improving every article! WHEN to be WHERE has over 600 articles now and some of them are from our ‘early days’ with only bits and pieces of information. Also, some were written by users and not by us. Nowadays we write complete guides and update every article regularly. Just keep in mind, that there are still some original articles on our website from the early days. We’re working on it and we extend and update texts and images regularly. We want you to get as many fresh tips as possible for your travels.

What makes our travel guides and tips so special?

Micha not scared. At Bouddi National Park

We combine our own extensive travel experience and tips with those from many others. We collect data from reliable online and offline resources. We talk to dozens of other visitors. We interview destination experts. We analyze countless destination reviews on those big travel sites. Finally, we put everything together and come up with an article you’ll hopefully find extremely useful for your next trip. One more thing though: We are trying to be perfect, but sometimes even we can make a tiny mistake. So, please don’t blame us when a park closes its gates now at 6 pm instead of 6:30 pm like they did in the past 10 years. 

What can you do for us?

Michael taking photos for our site

That may sound weird, but actually there is something you can do for us. WHEN to be WHERE is free and always will be. We will never sell anything here. We want you to get the best travel tips for free. However, to write an article, to collect tons of additional information takes time and effort. Additionally, running a server, a website, and all other related services cost us a few bucks as well. Now, here it comes. You can help us by bookmarking the following affiliate links and use them whenever you book a hotel or a tour. That won’t cost you a dime, but you’ll help us so much. Also, these are the best sites for hotels and tour bookings anyway: booking.com and GetYourGuide Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Are we having fun?

Micha and Markus having fun with locals in Xitou

Yes! Not only while travelling and asking locals almost everything, but also while working on WHEN to be WHERE. We get awesome user feedback every week. That motivates us, and we’re planning to become one of the most helpful travel websites on this planet. We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to help you any time! The easiest way is to contact us via our Facebook Page.