Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

mx Mexico

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Migration of Humpback Whales from mid-December through mid-April. The peak time for this whales and most mating activity last from late December to January.

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Where and Tips

Los Caboes

The humpback migrate south from the arctic feeding grounds in winter (Nov./Dec.) and back to the north in March/April. The chance of sighting whales is very high. There is also a resident population of females the whole winter season giving birth to their young calves. Baja California is one of the most important whale breeding sites.

Humpback and gray whales are common to see also dolphins, sometimes bryde's whales and the majestic blue whale.

There are several tour operators for whale watching. Some of them include the sea lion colony, sea bird nesting colonies and much more.




Leif, sounds like an interesting spot. Did you do scuba as well? Any place you can recommend close to Cabo San Lucas?



yes we've been diving in Cabo as well.
The local dive sites are not that fantastic.
We preferred to go for the "Corridor" as there the visibilty was much better and it was less noisy.
Unfortunately our trip to Cabo Pulmo was canceled. This spot should be great.

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