De Meinweg National Park

De Meinweg National Park

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

This National Park is a year-round destination. Every season is special.

Most beautiful in August and beginning of September with blooming heather.

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The popular De Meinweg was declared as National Park in 1995. The name comes from the collective usage of the area in the medieval time for hundreds of years by the Dutch and the German. The border between the Netherlands and Germany was defined in 1815. Nowadays it is part of the transboundary Nature Reserve Maas-Schwalm-Nette, which combines the river and streams in this region. De Meinweg is made up of pine forests, heath, and marshland. It is home to the rare common adder, blindworm, different frogs like the endangered moor frog, "wild" horses and galloways, deer and boars. It is also home to endangered plants like bell heather, bog myrtle, sundew, bog asphodel and marsh gentian.

It is very popular for hiking and biking. A new hike was developed which is part of the "Wasser-Wander-Wege" which means hiking trails close to streams, ponds, and lakes. This hike in De Meinweg is the longest one of all with 19 km. All these tracks are well marked. Especially August and September with blooming heather around Elfenmeer and Rolvennen (bog pond) is stunning.

For more information visit the information center located in the car park and entrance or click here. 

Nine Hiking trails of the region but in German only. 



Now it is the best time for the whole National Park which is in purple color from heather. Evenings are fantastic, best light and there isn't anybody else.


Indeed a very special National Park. I like most August and the sunset at Rolvennen.

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