Drachenwand - Dragonwall via ferrata

Drachenwand - Dragonwall via ferrata

at Austria

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time
From May to September, it is better to start around 7 am to avoid crowds

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The Drachenwand Klettersteig is a via ferrata in Austria, near the town of Mondsee. It is classified C/D and is really fun to climb. There is also a part with suspension bridge. The acces to the ferrata is from St. Lorenz. There is a parking lot near Gasthof Drachenwand. You have to take the path to the ferrata, it takes around 20 mins to get there. The ferrata itself takes around 2 hours to climb. There are great views from the top of Drachenwand. The descend takes around 1 and a half hour. It is great to stop by the Mondsee lake and have a refreshment on the way back.


Melissa Sallee

Oh my is that ever breathtaking. Thank you for adding this place.


Bohys that is a fantastic vf, definitely on my bucket list now!!

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