En Bas Saut rainforest trail

En Bas Saut rainforest trail

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Morning and afternoon is the best time for birding. I recommend the afternoon because it is a bumpy, gravel road and takes some time to get to the starting point.


Best months are during the dry season from December until May. Driest months are February to May. Day temperature always around 30 C°/ 86°F in Soufriere a bit colder and a higher humidity in the forest. Most sunshine in March. However, rain can always occur in the rainforest. The rainy season lasts from June to November with the possibilities of hurricanes and flash floods. Wettest month is September.

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Where and Tips

St. Lucia

A very bumpy road leads to the starting point. You need a driver with a four-wheel drive. This trail to the beautiful St. Lucian parrots is six miles east of Soufriere in the Edmond Forest Reserve. There is also a trail to a waterfall. You have to pay a fee for the birding trail and also for the waterfall trail and in addition a guide for each trail. The reason that we did only the birding trail. Birding is excellent and we spotted three of the parrots. The trail is around 4 km long. You have a good view of the highest mountain which is called Mount Gimie. Hiking to the top of this mountain is possible but a guide is required and might cost around 200 USD and more.... Even in the dry season showers occur in the rainforest and the trail is muddy.

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