Evercreech Rainforest

Evercreech Rainforest

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The trail is accessible throughout the year. If there is too much rain it might be difficult to get there by car on the gravel road. It's more save with a 4 WD.


This area is often cloudy or overcast. Summer brings pleasant temps mostly around 20°C / 68°F. In winter, most days with single-digit temperatures. Frost can occur. Most precipitation in winter with a peak in August. Driest months are December to March. Anyhow, it's Tassie; be prepared for rain. 


Due to the remote location and the gravel road only a few visitors, mostly Australian. The reason that the parking area is not huge. 

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Where and Tips

Tasmania, Mathinna

The Evercreech Reserve was developed in 1977 to protect these magnificent white gums. The trees are the world's tallest white gums more than 90 meters high. They are called “White Knights”. A gravel road leads to this beautiful old rainforest. A well-marked hiking trail leads to the white gums. Back at the basic picnic area is another trail along the Evercreech rivulet through this stunning rainforest to the Evercreech Falls. In the beginning, you cross the stream with a bridge on the way back by feet. Both short circular trails look like an eight. These combined trails are less than 4 km long. You may need more than an hour to enjoy this majestic gums, fern trees, sassafras, Tasmanian myrtle, blackwood and much more. It’s a pleasant spot for lunch. Basic facilities exist. It is number 51 of the 60 great short walks of Tasmania.


Combine the Evercreech Rainforest with the Blue Tier Forest Reserve and the Blue Tier Giant. Stay in Saint Helens for a couple of days to visit the amazing rainforests and Eddystone Point part of the Bay of Fires.

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