Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni

Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni

it Italy

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Rio Sallagoni is one of the most spectacular via ferratas leading along a stream. The best time for this adventure are the warmer months from April to October. Rain occurs throughout the year. Therefore, check the weather conditions and water level the day before. The via ferrata is easily accessible and very popular. Also, guided climbing tours are offered for Rio Sallagoni. To avoid the crowds here climb either in the morning or evening.

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Where and Tips


This adventurous and famous via ferrata is a must-do for the Lago di Garda region. Due to the stream below it's refreshing cool during hot summer days. In my opinion, it's an easy and funny climb, but we are living in a mountainous area.

Rio Sallagoni Via Ferrata Description
  • The first part is classified as C not suitable for children and people below 1,60 m. Afterward, it's classified as B.
  • From the parking lot; it's 5 minutes walk to the entry point. You climb and walk-up in a total of 350 m elevation, and it takes approx 2 hours.
  • The whole via ferrata leads through a gorge above a stream, but it's rather a river after heavy rainfall.
  • You will cross two suspension bridges, which is fun if you don't have any fear of heights.
  • In the second part, you climb up in front of a waterfall.
  • Then you have to cross the stream, which can be impossible and dangerous at a high water level. 
  • It finishes close to castle Drena. From here, keep left, you may need 20 minutes for the easy descent back to the parking.



Looks amazing, not well known in Portugal. Do you need a lot of experience?


Eduardo you need some skills in climbing but more important first if you like it and second if you are free from giddiness. We had a one day course and afterwards we bought the equipment. First we did easy via ferratas category A-C and then we start with D. For Rio Sallagoni is a guided tour offered for newbies.

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