Via Ferrata "Sisi" - Loser

Via Ferrata "Sisi" - Loser

at Austria

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

From June to September, it is better to start early in the morning to avoid crowds in summertime

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Where and Tips


Loser Panorama Klettersteig is a Via Ferrata near the town of Altaussee in northwestern Austria. It is classified D and is quite difficult to climb. It demands strong hands and little bit of climbing experience. There is a parking lot near the ferrata but to access it, you have to pay a toll. From the parking lot, it is only 30 mins to the start of the ferrata. The ferrata takes around an hour to climb. The views from the ferrata and from the top are just stunning. If you don't want to climb the ferrata, the hill is accessible by a path. It starts from the same place as the path to the ferrata. The best time to visit the ferrata is in summer, but you have to be ready for crowds. It is better to not to climb it in wet conditions.



Looks great for a hike/walk as well!

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