Fürenwand Engelberg

Fürenwand Engelberg

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Usually, the Fürenwand via ferrata is open from the end of May until mid-October depending on ice conditions and temperature. In 2016 it was opened late at mid-June. 

Usually, the best months for Fürenwand are August to October. You have to pass a water wall after two-thirds of the via ferrata. At this time of the year, you may not get wet except in 2016 and after heavy rainfall the day before. It is advisable to start early, before midday. Even with less than 20 degrees, it gets hot while climbing. After 12 p.m. the Fürenwand (wall) is completely in sun.


Where and Tips


Fürenwand is a very demanding via ferrata with difficulty D-E. It lasts about 3 hours with an altitude difference of 765 meters. It is very popular, and a bit crowded. Experience and stamina are essential for this via ferrata. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Especially after the water wall, it became slippery. Check your personal fitness and practice the day before at Zittergrat via ferrata.

It is a 20 minutes’ walk to the beginning of the via ferrata from the parking lot. You can park outside of the parking lot and save the 5 CHF fee. When you reach the blue sign to walk to the left, you will find a bench. Here is the best place to take your climbing gear on because the trailhead is located in a forest where it is steep and difficult to stay. You always climb up, and there isn’t any chance to escape. Lots of steel cables, pegs, and stirrups are used but anyway it is often exposed. You have to be free from giddiness. The view to the Titlis and Graustock mountain is spectacular. To the left is a waterfall with rainbow and frequently with mountain gondola. After two-thirds, you will find a bench where we made a short break. 

Afterwards you reach the water wall. Usually, you get wet early summer, and it is dry end of summer. This year was different, and we got a shower while climbing for several minutes. Luckily we got told to carry additional clothes in the backpack. To overcome a hangover at the end you need to climb a 20-meter fixed metal rope ladder. From here you have to walk a few hundred meters up to Fürenalp. 

First, we went left to a bench and pond to change clothes and to refresh. The view is amazing, and it is quiet. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with lunch and an apple moscht (similar to apple wine but more delicious and not sour) at Fürenalp. Fürenalp is on elevation 1.850 m. For the way back you can either take the mountain gondola or walk back via Stäuber waterfall and Berggasthaus (mountain guest-house) Stäfeli what we did. 

There are many accommodations in Engelberg, a nice campground at the end of the village close to the mountain gondola station to Fürenalp or stay in a village before in Wolfenschiessen. 

Climbing Route 

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