Gruta de Benagil

Gruta de Benagil

pt Portugal

Travel Update: Most places are open. Still, check the official websites and read our crucial BEST TIME tips below to help you AVOID THE CROWDS or secure tickets | Book Tip: 50 U.S. States - 5000 Ideas

When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Inside of the famous Benagil Cave is a beach which is much bigger at low tide. Swimming into the cave can be quite challenging especially during rough seas! Swimm with a board and in a group not alone.  Check the tides first before swimming! Anyhow, you need to be an experienced swimmer. An alternative is a boat trip to the existing caves at the Algarve.

Avoiding Crowds and Best Time for Swimming

Best months for swimming are June to September with pleasant sea temp.  July and August are the peak season; Prices increase and beaches are pretty crowded. The Portuguese school holidays start mid-June and last roughly until the first week in September depending on the school. Therefore, the ideally times with fewer tourists and pleasant weather are the first half of June and at the beginning of September but even October is an excellent month. Bring a neoprene shorty for longer swimming though the sea temperature is around 21°C / 70°F during summer until October and 20°C / 68°F in June.

Benagil cave during rough sea
Benagil Cave during rough sea

Tours you shouldn't miss (Seasonal Booking)

Where and Tips

Algarve, Carvoeiro

Benagil is famous for its caves, the coastal walk to several beaches and the lighthouse. It is a stunning walk from Benagil to the famous Praia de Marinha. The Benagil Cave is also called cathedral and very popular. Boat tours are offered to several caves where Benagil is always included. You can swim into the cave but It's pretty strenuous swimming in the open sea. Therefore, if possible come here for swimming when it's not windy. The wind can cause a high surf. 

If you are getting hungry; there are lots of nice restaurants around Benagil which offer lunch and dinner as well.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of accommodation types at the Algarve but many are booked during summer. We spent a week at the ALOHA Burgau Guesthouse. An excellent breakfast is included in your stay. Rita and Nuno are taking care of their guests and provide you with lots of information.



Pictures from the beach itself. I advise the cave in summer only.

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