Hyskeir Island and Lighthouse

Hyskeir Island and Lighthouse

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

To visit the island good weather conditions and a calm sea are essential. Best months are from May to September for snorkeling and diving. Water is even colder than at Cairns of Coll. It is a hotspot for basking sharks in July and August.

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Where and Tips

Scotland, Inner Hebrides, Rum
United Kingdom

It is difficult to get there. The closest islands are Canna and Rum but you need either a boat or a tour operator. There is a huge seal colony and you can spot them on the island and while snorkeling or diving. It is also has nesting sites for Common and Arctic Tern, Oystercatchers, Kittiwake and more.

The lighthouse was established in 1904 and is 39 m high. It was controlled by lighthouse keeper until March 1997. It was one of the last ones in Scotland which became fully automated.

The island is a huge rock and the reef is a volcanic pinnacle. This pinnacle attracts cetaceans and is a hotspot for basking sharks. But as always nothing is predictable. We discovered grey seals and many big jellyfish like the Lions Mane and the Blue Jellyfish. The Lion's Mane is the biggest species in the world, largest record is 37 m. Blue Jellyfish which is a close relative of the Lion's Mane but smaller in size. It's an amazing place for snorkeling and diving. The sea was even colder compared to Cairns of Coll.



@Micha; stunning place! Which species of cetaceans can usually be seen?


You may see minke whales, porpoises, dolphins, sometimes orcas and basking sharks but nothing is predictable. We discovered several porpoises far away, a minke whale close to the Isle of Coll and one shark in three days.

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