Koalas - Cape Otway

Koalas - Cape Otway

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Koalas are in abundance in the Great Otway National Park. They are often spotted along the Lighthouse Road. Another good spot is along the Great Ocean Road. Koalas start being active from the afternoon onwards. During the day, you may see them resting on a branch in the tree. However, they sleep around 20 hours each day. To increase your chance for an unforgettable sighting stay at least one night in the National Park or along the Great Ocean Road. Do you like to know the exact spots for koala watching? Continue reading and follow the Google Maps Links for an awesome experience.

Sleeping koala in the Great Otway National Park


Lots of precipitation throughout the year deep in the heart of the Great Otway National Park. Warmer and "drier" conditions from November to April; however, rain can always occur. Winter is the wettest season.

Where to Stay in the Cape Otway National Park

Basic Cottage in the Great Otway National Park
Bimbi Park - Standard Cabin with shared bathroom

There are not many opportunities to chose from if you plan to stay in the Cape Otway National Park. Check out the link for the best prices with booking.com for the four different types of accommodations in the Otway. We'd chosen a Standard Cabin with shared bathroom at Bimbi Park all others were fully booked already.

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Otway National Park

A koala bear sighting at Cape Otway is almost guaranteed if you stay here. If you just pass by you may spot one or two with a little luck. We spent several nights in the Otway National Park to observe koala bears and for hiking. We spotted them sleeping each morning and feeding on the eucalyptus tree leaves from late afternoon onwards.

An active koala in the afternoon

We also saw hundreds of kangaroos grazing and two males boxing in the afternoon. Many day-trippers visit the Great Otway. Their chance of seeing koalas feeding and moving is less high. Most of the tourists already left Cape Otway when these cute furballs wake up. There is much to explore in this area like the Cape Otway Lighthouse, Maits Rest, Rainbow Waterfall or Wreck Beach.

Where to Spot these Cute Koala Bears

Grunting Koala Bear at Kennett River

  • As already mentioned along the lighthouse road, we always spotted koala bears; sometimes plenty of and sometimes just one. (Google Maps Link)
  • Another spot along the Great Ocean Road is the Kennett River. We already spotted one when driving along the Great Ocean Road and more on the Kennett River Nature Walk. During midday, the koala bear was resting on the way back we saw several feeding on leaves at dusk. There are mossies around; take precaution. (Google Maps Link)
Quick Facts About the Koala

Awaking Koala at Kennett River

  • The koalas in Victoria weigh much more up to 14 kg than their relatives further north.
  • They get roughly 15 years old on the wild.
  • These cute guys have a porch and are closely related to wombats.
  • Koalas preferred diet is eucalyptus which has a high water content but few nutrients. The reason that they only drink water occasionally.
  • They sleep on average 20 hours a day because digesting eucalyptus leaves takes their energy.
  • Feeding on 2.5 pounds of leaves each day. 
  • The koala baby is called cub.
  • The cub stays up to 8 months in the porch, but start leaving it with round about 56 months.
  • They are listed vulnerable due to habitat loss. They are protected but not their food and eucalyptus trees. 

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