Madiba Straat - Jacaranda Trees

Madiba Straat - Jacaranda Trees

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

At the beginning of October, in spring the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom.

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South Africa

In late October 2008, we were in South Africa on honeymoon. On our third day we took a trip to Pretoria. From the Union Building we had a very nice view of the city. Everywhere the purple jacaranda were seen. In Madiba Straat (Madiba = Nelson Mandela) we got off the bus and found ourselves in the midst of a Jacaranda Avenue. That was very amazing. But the petals were beginning to fall from the tree, so you better come at the beginning of October. Also the Minaar Straat and the Visagie Straat to the left and right from the "Ditsong - National Museum of Natural History" are Jacaranda Avenues.




I always enjoy being in Joburg in October.

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