Robberg Nature Reserve

Robberg Nature Reserve

za South Africa

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Best at low tide especially for the 9.2 km long hike around the peninsula. Tide times 

Whale spotting from May to November possible.

Candelabra Flower in the Robberg Nature Reserve
Candelabra flowers in bloom from February to April.


In general, low rainfall in the Plettenberg area. Driest and coldest months are from June to October. The coolest and driest month is July. More precipitation in the hottest months from November until March. Most rainfall in March. However, Plettenberg gets more than 300 hours of sunshine each month in summer.

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Where and Tips

Plettenberg Bay
South Africa

Three different hikes are leading through this stunning Nature Reserve. The shortest is 2.1 km, the middle 5.5 km, and the trail along the whole peninsula is 9.2km long. Walking clockwise is recommended otherwise it might be more difficult to hike the path which is a little narrow at some parts. When the trail leads alog the shore you can spot a huge sea lion colony. From May/June until early November you may discover whales as well. If you do the hike in summer; don't forget your swimsuit for a bath at Tombolo Beach. Be careful with swimming rip currents occur.

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Beautiful hike, now more save with handrails.


We did the 9.2km loop and it was worth the sweat. Start early in the morning and have some bottles of water with you.

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