Saarburg Waterfall

Saarburg Waterfall

de Germany

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Best light for the waterfall in the morning.

Saarburg is very popuplar for visitors from France and Luxembourg. If possible avoid weekends.

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Where and Tips


The waterfall is in the old town center of Saarburg and falling down more than 20 meters. Originally the small river Leuk flowed around the town and not through it. It was rerouted in the 13th century to provide the fire fighters with water in case of a fire. At the same time mills were built at the foot of the waterfall. Nowadays there is a mill museum. The old town center with the medieval timbered houses and the Saar castle are interesting attractions.

Saarburg is very popular and close to the border of France and Luxembourg. Shops are open on Sundays. Close to the waterfall are Cafes and Restaurants with the typical tarte flambee.

Along the river Saar is a well marked bicycle trail. Rental bikes are offered.

The region is also famous for excellent wine and vineyards.



I love the area for biking at river Saar and Mosel.


This city is wonderful. The waterfall canal makes for a unique experience. You can sit and enjoy a coffee or ice cream in one of the many cafes. The city also has castle ruins atop the hillside overlooking the river and surrounding city. You can climb the high tower for a beautiful view.
We visited in the summer on a weekend and the city was pretty busy. We didn't however, have any trouble finding a place to sit when it was time for a break.

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