Snorkeling at Playa Larga

Snorkeling at Playa Larga

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

SNORKELING: The best time for snorkeling is in the morning with calm sea. Towards the afternoon the sea becomes rough. WEATHER: The best climate is during the dry season (from November until April). May and June is worth a try. Avoid July until October, it's rainy season and there is a higher chance for hurricanes. TOURIST CROWDS: July and August are the Cuban summer holiday and it might get crowded in general. Usually Playa Larga itself isn't that crowded at all. There are casa particulares only, not even one big hotel.

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Where and Tips

Playa Larga

Best months to visit Playa Larga are November/December through April. The reef at Playa Larga is close to the shore. Having a rental car is a big advantage to discover beautiful snorkel spots by yourself. There are snorkel signs close to the road. Our favorite place is called Los Pinos. It's not far from Playa Larga to Giron, known as the Invasión de Playa Girón or Bay of Pigs Invasion. We enjoyed the atmosphere at Playa Larga a lot. For us the best place in Cuba which you shouldn't miss. I recommend a stay of three or four nights minimum.

Be sure to check out the amazing Birding at Zapata National Park close to Playa Larga as well:…


Rene North Rhine

Also good destination for diving. Combine Playa Larga with Cueva de los Peces.


@Markus; Can you recommend any casa? How can I get in touch with them?


@T.Gehlen, we were twice at Casa Mayito. Nice rooms with aircon, great food, like grilled fish, best Pina Colada ;). Mayito offers snorkeling tours for his guests only. Worth to do.

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