Tenerife Western Lookout TF38

Tenerife Western Lookout TF38

es Spain

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Before sunset, on a cloudy day

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Where and Tips

Santiago del Teide

Spains highest mountain (3718 m) is the Teide volcano of Tenerife. Even in winter you have an easy access to the Canadas Caldera if there in not too much snow on the roads. The caldera is about 2000 m high – so pretty much higher than the frequent clouds of the trade winds. On cloudy days you often get the chance for an incredible mountain trip – from sea level through the clouds into the bright sunlight upside. Watch the rocky stone formations of the teide, maybe you go on with the funicular near the top of the teide (you need a prebooked permit to walk the rest onto the top), learn something of the historic volcanic eruptions.

But if the SUNSET approaches make sure to be on the WESTERN SIDE OF TEIDE - at the boarder of the Parque Nacional del Teide on the road of TF-38 and you may get such an breathtaking view down onto the clouds, with a warm golden light, like the pictures show. With a good visibility you will also see La Gomera or some more of the Canary Islands. The pines are fire resistant and may look a little extraordinary with their new sprouts.

If you follow the road down via Chio you cross the youngest lava fields and pass smaller black craters - a bit spooky...

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