Titou Gorge

Titou Gorge

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Best in the late afternoon - the crowds from the cruise ship may have left the gorge and the sunlight is shinning to the entrance of the gorge. Very early morning it is not crowded but it is not the best time of the day, the gorge is in shadow. It is very popular so if a cruise ship has docked in Roseau harbour it might be crowded the whole day same at weekends.

The dry season last from Dec. until April/May. This is also the peak tourist season. Anyway this is one of the wettest regions in the world with 7 liters of rain each year. The climate is humid tropical. The driest month is March and the wettest is August.


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Titou Gorge is a deep river gorge at the beginning of the Boiling Lake hike and only accessible by swimming. At the end is a small waterfall. It is too deep to stay and as closer you get to the waterfall it becomes more difficult to swim. The water is very cold and refreshing. The morning might be slightly cold for swimming. After the Boiling Lake hike it was perfect for cooling down. Titou Gorge is well known from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

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