Valle Grande - Hiking

Valle Grande - Hiking

it Italy

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

It is an amazing hike year round. The peak season is in summer and especially in August.

To combine the hike with a dip in the river; start before 11 a.m. in summer. Late afternoon the river is in the shade.

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Where and Tips


It's an 4 hours hike which starts at Cicogna and leads to Alpe Pra and the village Pogallo. The trail leads along the river on the way back.

There are two options for a dip in the river. If you arrive after midday you can do the hike vice versa or only a part of it. If you do the hike clockwise -as described- the second opportunity is better for swimming in the refreshing river. To get there cross a bridge to get to the other side and walk down to the riverbed. We made a stop at the first chance we had not known that there is an even better place. As soon as the river is in the shade it might be too cold for a bath.

Autumn is the most beautiful season, with a little luck you may find porcini.

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