Wild Daffodil Trail and Bieley Rock

Wild Daffodil Trail and Bieley Rock

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The wild daffodils are in bloom between the end of March and beginning of May depending on weather conditions the weeks before. Mostly it is best mid- to end of April. In 2017 the wild daffodils were already in full bloom April 9th. It was warm and sunny before.

The different daffodils trails around Monschau/Kalterherberge are very popular. At weekends, many people walk this trails from midday on. If you start early you can beat most of the crowds. It's worth to combine the hike we did with a detour of around 1 1/2 km to get to the Bieley Rocks directly across the border on the Belgium side. This part has not marked the reason for very view people. It’s military restricted zone and sometimes closed due to sharpshooting. Days are listed on a huge sign. 

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Where and Tips

Monschau, Alzen, Parkplatz Brüchelchen

The wild daffodil in the nature protected area at Perlenbach- and Fuhrtsbachtal are smaller than the jonquil. Each year more than 10 million daffodils are in bloom. Nowadays, the wild daffodils exist in Germany only in Eifel and Hunsrück.

We did several circular hikes from different starting points. Once we started the hike close to the Perlenbach dam. This time from Alzen - Parkplatz "Zum Brüchelchen". To spot the narcissi in a huge number you need to walk to the meadows. The trail from Alzen plus detour to the Bieley rocks is almost 14 km long. If you start in Höfen add 2,5 km. The shortest trail starts from "Gut Heistert" with limited parking is less than 4 km long. The trail took us three hours but we walk fast.

Trail description from Parkplatz Brüchelchen:
Follow the daffodil signs and the wildcat logo. We hiked the trail clockwise and went left when we reached the old "Sprengbunker" direction Antoniusbrücke along Fuhrtsbach. From here walk direction Jägersief and Oberer Steg. This part of the trail is wide, sometimes paved and easy to walk. Around 1 km before Oberer Steg we left the trail to the left and crossed the stream Jägersief to get to the Bieley Rocks. This part is easy to find. You already see the trail and a huge sign from the Military with the dates of sharpshooting to the left. The narcissi meadows are very beautiful here. Walk uphill around a corner and leave the wide trail and turn right onto a smaller footpath. Very soon you get to the amazing rocks with a breathtaking view. We had lunch on the rocks and enjoyed the view back to Germany and the Jägersief. Might be easier to find with GPS. You find the location of the rocks on one of the last pictures with the red cross. Afterwards, the trail is steep downhill for about 200 meters. When reaching the bottom turn right to get back to the narcissi trail. At Unterer Steg you have two options to walk. The right trail is still wide and more crowded, cross the bridge and take the left path which is narrow and viewer people are on it.

At the same time of the year, you can find the herb wild garlic which smells and tastes like garlic nearby in the Urfttal along the river Urft.

More information about the trail and download map 

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