Zittergrat Engelberg

Zittergrat Engelberg

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The via ferrata is open from mid-June to mid-October depending on snow and ice conditions. Check weather forecast first. Dry conditions are much better for climbing.


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Where and Tips


Zittergrat is a recommended introduction for the popular Fürenwand, Rigidalstockwand, and Graustock. If you can't manage Zittergrat well, you should not try the strenuous Fürenwand. Difficulty: D

It is a steep and winding 10 minutes walk from Brunni chair lift to the beginning of the via ferrata. The via ferrata last less than one hour. It has two challenging overhangs where upper arm strength is required. There are two ascents the Zittergrat and the easier Brunnistöckli to get to the top where they converge. Now they follow the same route along the hanging bridge "Engelsbrücke" (bridge of angels). The descent takes about 20 minutes. The view of the surrounding mountains is spectacular. With good weather conditions and depending on your fitness level combine this via ferrata with Rigidalstock afterwards. It has two different climbing routes; one has a difficulty C and the other C/D.

To get to Brunnihütte on elevation 1.860 m (Brunni Lodge), you take the mountain gondola from Engelberg first which departs every 20 minutes. After a short walk take the chairlift to Brunni. The return ticket for one adult cost 43 CHF (8/16). If you stay the night before at Brunnihütte the transport is included. It is a stunning experience to watch the sunset and sunrise from Brunni.

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